Ways of finding out why you did not get the job

Life as an unemployed

Job hunting is a strenuous process and no individual can boast of net ever been nervous when awaiting his/her turn in the waiting room prior to be called to face the interview panelist. I could just imagine how painful it will be after putting in all one could muster, just to discover that one is not considered for the job. It is indeed a painful experience. An experience I have gone through personally, and may not wish anyone should do same.

What makes it even more painful is the fact that one goes through the process, not once, but twice, thrice and even more without success. In the process, you start losing confidence even as your self esteem and commitment level start waning. However, like children who never get to learn, most job hunters continue to wonder why they never got the job they had really hoped for. Unfortunately, lots of people who never get that dream job they hoped for don’t usually take proactive measures to find out why they were never selected in the first place.

Although, few may want to know why, they fall short of ideas on what to do. Hopefully, after going through this little piece, you would have found a lot of answers to those burning questions that will help you tackle the next interview better than you’ve ever done before.


Most problems faced by people are self made, so I would suggest a deep self examination first before any other action is taken by someone who just failed a job interview process. This process will involve helping the individual to know if he or she is qualified for the job in the first instance. This is actually an easy one as most job providers state the category of staff they intend to recruit. So, the question is: “where you qualified for the position you applied for?”

-Secondly, most job hunters forget that their interview starts the moment they walk into the premises where the interview is to take place. It doesn’t have to be your turn before you get prepared for that dream interview, as you sit waiting to be called in. So, the question once again is: “how did you perform, the last time you attended a job interview?”  To help you further, you can provide answers to these questions and be honest with yourself while doing so:

Did I arrive early enough for the interview?

Did I get carried away by the huge number of people waiting to be interviewed?

Did I leave behind a good first time impression while in the waiting room and in the interview room?

Was my body language and eye contact appropriate?

Was my sitting position okay?

How was my voice as I answered each question been thrown at me by the interview panelist?

How did I walk into the interview room, was I confident enough? A steady walk into the interview room and a broad smile will no doubt introduce your confidence to the heart of your interviewers. Also, an assuring voice and a good eye contact with your interviewer will make you appear trustworthy or reliable.

And finally, did I answer most questions correctly?

As a matter of fact, it is possible to decipher from expression on the faces of the panelist and their body language, whether you did great or not. In essence, your replay all the events you had gone through and you might be able to find a lot of flaws to correct. Furthermore, you will find a lot of help if you can obtain credible answers from people who got a job you had previously missed out on. Since they had been successful, you can find out one or two things about how they handled some of the questions and compare their response to yours.


-Sometimes, minor issues like ego, bad habits or even bad dressing code may be the cause of you experiencing job interview disappointments. Sitting wrongly in front of the recruiters and appearing too relaxed, nonchalant as well as bad speaking patterns, skills or habits can derail your plans of landing that dream job. I once watched a movie about a job interview process conducted in Lagos, Nigeria, where the MD of the company acted like the gateman.

As people were trooping in, some were asking him for time, others were even insulting him and a particular lady was even trying to send him on an errand. It was really funny, because at the end of the day he picked a guy who showed so much composure and respect and told the others to go home. They were asking about the job interview and he announced to them he had already conducted one as the MD of the company. You could see the shock and embarrassment on the faces of those who had missed the  chance to be employed as they walked out of the company premises.

So as you go out for your next job hunt and interview, I sincerely hope you must have picked some useful tips that will aid you in becoming successful in the interview process. Grabbing these knowledge will ensure one does not repeat the same mistake twice and it gives one the edge and opportunity to be more prepared. Am wishing you all the best in hunting for your dream job!



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