4 Reasons why Employers Chose the Other Candidate Over you

After a long job search, you feel like you can finally relax. Your latest job interview went extremely well, and you can barely contain your excitement. The hiring manager said you have all the skills they’ve been looking for but they have to interview one more person as a formality. You just know you got the job; you can feel it. Then, some days later, you get that dreaded rejection call— or worse — an email. What made the hiring manager choose the other guy over you? Sometimes it comes down to more than your skills. There are some non-skills-based reasons an employer may favor one job candidate over another.

Sometimes the other person just has that extra something that an employer can’t disregard. Be prepared. Candidates need to show the best, most honest version of themselves, and respect the process and the people who made the decision. However, here’s a look at four things that can make or break your chances of getting the job when it comes down to you and another candidate.


  • Culture Fit: Sometimes it comes down to whether you would be a good fit with the company’s culture. This is important because if the culture fit is bad, you likely won’t feel comfortable at that job for very long. Usually for employers, if both candidates are equally qualified, then the make-or-break will be whether or not they are a cultural fit. One thing a candidate can do to improve his or her chances is asking about the company’s culture. They should then give examples of how they fit in with the culture based on the company’s response. Candidates should show they have gritand talk about challenges they have faced. Candidates should mention challenges that they didn’t know the answer to and explain how they handled the situation. This will set them apart from other candidates.
  • Appearance: If a hiring manager has two great candidates but only one role, the process of elimination becomes more creative. The hiring manager will be considering how you represent the company. If you take pride in your appearanceand dress to the standards of the company, it tells the hiring manager you take pride in your work. A nice suit really can be the difference between landing your dream job and missing out even though you made it to the short list
  • Personality: If you really want to wow the hiring team, make sure you stay positive and upbeat. A sour attitude could cost you the job. When making the final selection between two candidates, the personality and general demeanor of a candidate can be the two factors that push one ahead of the other. These two factors can be an indicator as to whether or not an employee will integrate well into the culture of an organization. A candidate that does their homework, shows a good interest in the company and has an understanding of the company culture is more likely to set him or herself apart from others.
  • Communication: You can be a great culture fit, look nice, and have a great personality, but if your communication skills are lacking, this could hold you back. Stumbling to get through questions, body language, Disposition when answering questions etc. are factors to take note of. In addition, They should come in with knowledge about the position and the company and know how to answer the popular questions like ‘Tell me about yourself,’ and, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?


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