Fast ways of making money this Christmas

December is here again and as usual there is a host of activities accompanying the festive period. It is always an opportunity for smart entrepreneurs to make some quick cash using some old strategies which others may have previously ignored. During the festive periods, most people get overwhelmed in their worries as they struggle to meet up with their responsibility for their family. There is so much pressure to buy clothes, foods, gift items and other accessories to accompany celebrating Christmas.

What most people do not know is that they can actually turn things around by converting expenses to income. Instead of thinking about spending alone, why not think of a way to earn money from this whole festive celebration. So I thought about coming up some amazing ideas that can earn one some extra cash this season.

Rice supply

How to make fast money during Christmas
How to make fast money during Christmas

Rice is a staple food in Nigeria and its significance during festival periods cannot be overemphasized. Bags of rice are brought into the country through sea and land for local consumption yet the daily consumption needs of Nigerians far exceed the available quantity provided. To supplement this deficit, the Federal government has even encouraged local rice farmers to go into industrial production of rice, with Ofada Rice taking the challenge as Nigeria number one local rice. This huge market has created a whole lot of opportunities especially during Christmas celebration. The demand for rice during festive season usually triples the standard demand, with lots of people going out of their way to buy for their in-laws and family members.

You don’t actually need to rent a store, as you can store the product at home and inform customers of their availability. Alternatively, you can find a shed in any busy roadside close to the market and get your measurement basins and cups ready. The profit from rice sales this Christmas is usually high because consumers are desperate to get the product by all means without bothering so much about the cost. A bag of rice presently sell for N18, 000. You can get this same bag from wholesalers as low as N14,000 depending on where you get your supply from and increase your profit margin.

Selling fresh and tin tomatoes with pepper

There is no better period to sell fresh tomatoes than Christmas period. The product is a basic ingredient for preparing stew at home. No matter where you are in Nigeria, you are bound to perceive the sweet aroma fresh cooked stew emanating from the kitchen. To increase your profit margin, you can add the sale of tin tomatoes and fresh pepper to the list of items for sale. If you can buy from the North directly, it will fetch you even more money. Most traders don’t travel to these distant places to buy fresh tomatoes or pepper themselves. There are middlemen or women that do these business travels and carry the product to the market place where traders who have already booked down for these products usually flock down to take delivery of their consignments.

Hosting Events

Christmas seasons are usually accompanied with so much fanfare, parties and events. Lots of marriages are even held this season. Those who have facilities for hosting small, medium or huge events usually smile to the bank this festive period, as celebrants usually pay high due to serious competitions on these facilities. Alternatively, there are more creative individuals who host Father Christmas shows for children and these usually attract little gate fees. After deducting cost of renting the venue for such shows, the organizers usually go home with some profits.

Selling clothes, wears for children and women

No matter how hard the economy may seem to be, parents still find a way to get Christmas clothes for their children. Ladies also do all they can to get that special dress for the special Christmas celebration. Sellers of these children and ladies clothing are the biggest gainers as they make brisk businesses at market centers and even in their respective shops. Some even do special supplies to homes of clients who make special order.

Selling fancy lights, Christmas trees and Santa Claus Hats

Santa Claus is the iconic symbol that is usually associated with Christmas season. Everyone wants to dress in Santa Claus costumes and hats. Last Sunday, I was amazingly surprised to see a man put on a full Santa Claus attire stroll in. He got the attention of the entire church especially children. Gift shop owners also sell fancy Christmas lights and Christmas trees to add more income stream to their business this season. The more attractive these items are, the more their demands. The profit margin can be huge depending on the high turnover and marketing options used to push them into the open market.


As I type this, there is huge sound of fireworks and bangers going off in my area. These fireworks have become a part of the Christmas celebration and most families go out of their way to buy these items for their children. Some states have banned these items because of their explosive nature which can create a security risk if not properly handled. The ban on these items has made them so prohibitive that few traders who sell them usually make so much profit on these exclusive items. The price range from as N80 per pack to as high as N6, 000 for the very sophisticated bangers that come with rainbow colors when it goes into the sky. These products are usually imported and traders source them directly from major distributors in Lagos and Onitsha.

Supply of live or frozen chicken

For those who rear chicken and sell frozen chicken, this festive period is an opportunity to make quick cash. Broilers and old layers are usually in high demand with some traders selling big broilers as high as N6, 000 on Christmas Eve. Sales of frozen chicken is also on the rise during festive periods as those who can’t afford live chicken opt for frozen chicken. A carton of frozen chicken goes for N12, 000. This means a quarter goes for N3, 000. A Kilogram of live chicken goes for between N1200 to N1400 depending on the location. Everyone want a taste of chicken this Christmas and as I strolled to church today, some traders who were desperate to make brisk business had cages of broilers displayed in the road with customers buying. They weren’t thinking of going to church. They were thinking of making some quick cash for the season.



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