6 Top Worst jobs in Nigeria

Worst jobs in Nigeria

Getting a job is so exciting, but at the same time, not all jobs are worth the stress. There are some jobs that are absolutely dangerous, stressful and poorly remunerated. For an individual who desires to live a good portion of his life on a particular job, it is quite scary to be engaged in certain jobs. Moreover, no one wishes to be actively engaged in a job that cannot pay bills. Some parameters to determine if a job is the right fit for one, is if it comes with some decent package and there is job satisfaction that comes with such jobs. I will be looking at certain jobs that are not well paying jobs.

Police force

Joining the Nigerian Police force is often borne out of patriotism or in some instances due to lack of job elsewhere. I visited the police headquarters in Delta state some months ago, and while there, six newly recruited police cadets came to report for duty. They were all smiles and excited about the opportunity to be engaged in the Nigeria Police force. Deep down, I was wondering if these guys knew what they just entered. The police force is the most hated force in the entire country. They are also poorly paid and catered for. If you doubt me, visit any police living quartesr and see the squalor called house where they are being accommodated. The Nigeria Police force is the most corrupt in the country and to make matters worse, they are not well trained and ill-equipped to handle rising crime rates in the country. It is a situation that may never get better, as the government don’t seem to have a clue to solving the complex issue surrounding the Nigeria Police force.

Waste disposal

Each time I see a waste disposal truck pull up close to me, with all the stench and wave of flies, its so nauseating. Unfortunately, there are guys who are doing such work and they sometimes do it with a little smile. Some don’t even put on nose mask to stop the toxic smell from refuse being inhaled into their system. They are not well kitted and they are also not well paid. To add salt to injury, when they fall sick in the course of their duty, there is no proper medical care. They are easily replaced by new recruits and the endless cycle continues. They are paid stipends, and yet exposed to numerous health hazards.

Fire fighters

Watching how fire fighters are treated in foreign countries and the dismal treatment they receive in Nigeria makes one think deeply about the way we value certain professionals in the country. Their importance is not in doubt, based on the fact that they help during fire outbreak and other natural disasters, but the way people react towards them when things don’t turn out well makes one consider this job among the worst in Nigeria. With old fire fighting trucks, outdated fire-fighting equipment and lack of water to fill their trucks, I keep wondering how these guys keep themselves motivated, because they surely lack the materials and tools to perform optimally.

Tanker drivers

Traveling through Okpella in Edo state two years ago, I came across an enclave by the roadside where more than 20 trucks fully loaded with fuel were packed and their drivers loitering around. It is the same scenario all over the country, as these tanker drivers go from north to south and east distributing petroleum products late in the night and early in the morning. It’s a dangerous profession that has claimed the lives of some of the drivers, including innocent motorists. Apart from the fact that some of them are not well paid, the job also separates them from their family and forces them indirectly into womanizing and drunkenness.

Bank jobs

The banking profession may look glamorous from outside, but on close observation, it looks so boring, stressful and very demanding. They resume for work very early in the morning and close very late due to the fact that they must balance all their individual accounts. I was in the banking hall sometime in 1999, when armed robbers struck that particular bank. It was a serious pandemonium as everyone ran for cover. When the entire drama eventually ended, a lady banker spoke with so much frustration: “Am tired of this running up and down”. She was speaking out of fear, because the rate of armed robbery then was on the increase. I really felt her pain and trauma associated with that incident. The truth is that bankers make tremendous sacrifice to ensure customers are satisfied at all times. Most times, the home front suffers as a result of their tight schedule and busy nature, not to mention the fear of being sacked due to redundancy or restructuring.

6 Top Worst jobs in Nigeria
6 Top Worst jobs in Nigeria

Primary school teachers

The primary school system in Nigeria is regarded as the foundation stone in the quest for creating a sound educational background in a child. The normal duration for the primary education is six years and the primary school teacher is usually in charge of ensuring that proper foundational subjects Mathematics, English, Quantitative, Verbal, Basic Science, phonics, social studies and Christian religious studies are inculcated by the child . Unfortunately, these teachers are not given the honor they deserve. They strive to build future leaders, but end up being treated like slaves due to the unfortunate value system that has been implemented by the government. Some states in the country have continually piled up the salaries of these teachers for as long as  8 months and even more, thereby rendering them useless and discouraged. The profession which was once celebrated has become forsaken.

These listed jobs have been mentioned out of no prejudice but borne out of the need for a better work satisfaction.


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