Foods you should avoid eating in the office
Foods you should avoid eating in the office

Foods you should never eat in the office

As a working class individual, whether you working in a government or private company, one thing you must take into consideration, is that office work is all about focus and efficiency. As humans, no matter how committed you are to your job, and no matter how you enjoy the job, the natural desire for food may creep in some time. It is in our nature and you can never cheat nature no matter how hard you try.

Food is the fuel the body needs to perform at its optimum, and the longer you starve the body of food, the less efficient the body tends to perform. However, there are certain foods we must avoid taking to the office or even attempt eating in the office. It has to do with job ethics or more or less office ethics. Whatever category we place it, it is important we tag these foods as untouchable at work.

Crunchy foods

There are many foods that fall into this category of crunchy foods. They come in form of snacks like plantain chips and chin chin. They make so much noise while being eaten that they can act as huge distraction to fellow workers in the same office. These foods are good source of carbohydrate and protein, and may not affect your performance, but they can make those around you to become uncomfortable and lose focus in what they are doing. Not everyone likes such crunchy sounds especially in an work environment where a lot is expected from staff. If one must eat these, he or she can do that in the staff canteen without distracting those around.

Food containing garlic

I had a colleague who ate food containing garlic to the office. Unfortunately, the Managing Directing came to our office to check on some files and he needed some explanations from us. The guy who ate food prepared with garlic was the one entrusted with the task of explaining some of the information the MD needed and he was sitting very close to the MD. As soon as the MD perceived the garlic from this guy’s mouth, he became uncomfortable and he asked if he ate garlic. That was when everyone got to know what was going on. The MD eventually advised him to stop taking garlic to the office and that was an embarrassing moment in my colleague’s life.

Garlic has a funny, strong and pungent smell which a lot of people can’t stand. It is medicinal especially for those who have issues with high blood pressure and diabetes, but eating food containing garlic to the office is not the smartest move. The smell does not wear off for days and each time one speaks; one gets exposed and embarrassed with the irritating and foul odor. To make matters worse, the smell of garlic comes out via our breath or sweat pores whenever we sweat excessively or breathe via our nostrils. It is highly unprofessional to eat food containing garlic either to the office or inside the office.

Food containing hardboiled egg

Egg in itself is very nutritional as it contains essential fat and protein which is helpful for normal growth and body function, but it must never be brought into the office. Have you ever seen someone getting embarrassed by farting in the office? That is the consequence of eating hardboiled eggs. It is so embarrassing that the individual’s moral can get damaged permanently and he or she can become the object of office jokes for years. Hardboiled egg naturally smells like rotten food when we belch and just imagine the reaction of colleagues when you involuntarily belch and end up fouling everywhere with such foul smell. No matter how much you enjoy eating egg, you must not make the mistake of bringing it to the office to avoid creating unnecessary scenes and end up causing embarrassment to others and to yourself.

Oily food

Oily food is known for its tendency to stain and make a mess of the office table and furniture. So, in your best interest and to avoid drawing undue attention to yourself which might also lead to management tagging you as being unserious, steer clear of oily food at any cost. For example, yam and oil make for a very good combination, but they do not wash off easily from clothes and what a mess it will be if the stain from your oily food accidentally touches an official document. It will speak volumes of your office ethics no doubt and may impact negatively on your annual performance evaluation if management gets to know.

Oily food are exclusively meant to be eaten at home or in office canteen and must be avoided inside a hallow place like an office. Doing so shows a lack of respect and absolute desecration of the value that comes with such lofty offices. Respect is mutual and as long as you embarrass others with such actions, you are bound to be disrespected.

Foods you should avoid eating in the office
Foods you should avoid eating in the office

Sticky Local foods

Local delicacies like Eba and Egusi Soup or Akpu and Ogbono soup are mouth watering food any day, but when it comes to bringing them into the office, great care must be exercised. Bringing in an homemade food into the office, especially if it is shared requires a lot of caution to avoid creating an uncomfortable situation. If you are to bring it in, ensure it is well packaged and before eating, make sure you are all alone, to avoid interrupting the concentration level of other colleagues.

As much as possible, one must restrict such foods to office canteen rather than breaking office norms via habits which can be termed as unprofessional. The mere fact that you don’t have the office to yourself means that the privacy and feelings of others must be fully put into consideration. You don’t need to receive management warning or query for bringing such foods into the office. If you really love your homemade delicacies, ensure you bring it in discretely and you only eat it when others aren’t around. Use your discretion and wisdom to avoid a situation that may even endanger your job and cause a lot of embarrassment.









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