10 Hot Jobs Without Enough Qualified Employees

Finding a job is never an easy thing to do, especially given the past decade or so of economic instability. Even with the unemployment rate having remained low and this has caused discouragement among Nigerians. However, the number of job vacancies in certain sectors still remains available. The problem is that people don’t want them, evidently. Employers are, surprisingly enough, having trouble attracting candidates.

If you’re desperate for work or are looking for an area in which you can kick off a career, a close look at the data can reveal where the opportunities are. Here are 10 jobs that employers just can’t seem to fill.

  1. Web Developers: Web development is a hot field and is virtually limitless in its potential. The internet still very much has a lot of opportunities out there for you to make your mark.
  2. Computer Analysts: If you’re good with computers and are familiar with the inner workings of both hardware and software, there are tons of open positions for analysts. Just about every big company out there needs analysts, and there is an evident shortage of them in the labor pool.
  3. Industrial Engineers: Becoming an engineer is tough, and for that reason, there aren’t all that many skilled applicants out there to fill employers’ demand. Engineering jobs pay well and are pretty secure, and there are roughly 47,000 unfilled positions out there, according to estimates.
  4. IT Administrators: Every organization needs managers and administrators, and if you have the certifications, employers have the jobs. IT and computer administration roles are a growing field, and these are jobs that pay well and can be relatively secure
  5. Health and Medical Administrators: Administrators aren’t just needed in IT and computer roles — the health care field is also in clear need of additional levels of bureaucracy. Healthcare is a complicated field, and the sector requires many specialties and skill sets.
  6. Sales Managers: Sales is an area that is always going to need fresh blood. And there will always be a need to manage a sales team. The ability to sell is a real talent, and if you can manage in addition to sell, you will always be able to find work.
  7. Marketing Professionals: In order to sell, people need to know about your products and services. Marketing and talented marketers go hand in hand with a powerful sales team, and just as there is a need for salespeople, so there is a need for marketers and marketing managers.
  8. Software Developers: The tech boom has created a need for many talents, and software developers are among them. If you can code, design, and create exciting and innovative products and services, companies want you on their payroll.
  9. Nurses: Nursing is an ever-expanding field, and even though many people have decided to pursue nursing professionally, there is still a huge need for more workers. There are nearly 300,000 unique job postings for nurses going up every month, and less than 100,000 are actually being hired
  10. Truck Drivers: Though the profession is facing some real uncertainty from technology and automation, there is still a huge shortage of truck drivers out there. More than 1,000,000 listings for drivers are going up per month, and slightly more than 100,000 are being hired. If you need a job, and are willing to hit the road, this may be where you want to steer your career, at least for the short term.



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