Social media good for recruitment?

The impact of the social media in our society today cannot be overemphasized. An estimated 75%of Nigerian internet users patronize social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin and Instagram. As at 2014, the number of internet users in Nigeria was put at 57.7 Million, and the figure is expected to grow to 76.2 million by the end of this year. This colossal number of internet users in Nigeria gives the average recruiter enough freedom to unleash the powerful tool that these platforms come with. A responsive company or organization will not ignore the potential benefits of using these platforms to reach out to not only potential employees, but to stay in touch with loyal customers. Despite the advantages, many companies are not using social media tools optimally in their recruitment process. What then are the benefits of using social media platform for recruitment?

Low cost

Compared with the orthodox means of recruitment using Tuesday and Thursday Guardian Newspaper and other National dailies, deploying some powerful social media platform will cut the cost of recruitment by more than 70%. Two ways of approaching the recruitment process using social media platforms, is to create a dedicated company handle or account or to employ the services of a recruitment firm and specify the various social media platform you desire to deploy. To keep the cost down, I will suggest you utilize the former, which is absolutely free.

The total cost of posting vacancy advert on selected social media platforms will cost Zero Naira compared to using more than N50, 000 for a Tuesday and Thursday Guardian advert that will run only once. The cost differential is a key benefit companies look out for, as they are always looking for ways to cut down overhead cost.

Increased visibility

The number of internet users who will get to see a twitter advert for a company that is recruiting, may rise to more than 3,000 daily while the average number of people who get to see the same advert if it is posted on a  Tuesday or Thursday Guardian won’t be more than 1,000 and this is due to the fact that the social media attracts more visibility compared to traditional print media. Guardian newspaper cost about N250, and majority of Nigerians can’t afford it. Those who do buy these newspapers may not even bother to see the recruitment advert, since it’s not on the front page. On the other hand, the average internet user needs just N100 to buy data and once he logs into his/her twitter account, the recruitment advert pops up. The reach is absolutely unbelievable.

Improved quality of hire

More than 80% of the targeted audience for a recruitment drive is internet users and quite a handful of them use various social media platforms for vacancy related news. This implies that the possibility of getting the best hire for any recruitment via some of these social media platforms is very high. It has been discovered that about 59% of recruiters rated candidates sourced from social media platforms as highest quality. The possibility to check an average individual likes, dislike, interest, educational background, qualifications is made easier via these social media platforms. You also have access to their timeline and have a look at what they have been involved in from their past and present posts. Most companies now make it mandatory for job applicants to have social media accounts. It’s a way of checking the quality of the person they intend to interview for a particular position.

Engaging Employees

By engagement here I mean carrying your employees along in the whole recruitment process, by asking them to like, share and comment on the company’s recruitment post either on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. This portrays your brand globally as healthy and competitive. It also highlights an healthy relationship between the company and its employees. This in itself will help to attract the best available hands in the market.

Reduced hiring time

The traditional way of recruitment often consumes so much time and funds. The process can last up to a month if not more, depending on the various positions to be filled. Deploying social media tools for recruitment can however cut short this extensive time lag to about a week or less. Some companies that carry out recruitment campaign can get response immediately from candidates who are interested in certain positions, and follow up interviews and aptitude test can be carried out same day or the next day depending on the recruiters. Everything is done at the speed of light unlike the use of Newspapers or posters or jingles in the television or radios.

Greater awareness

Through the use of social media platforms for recruitment purposes, your company can create a greater awareness and people will get to know more about the company products and corporate social status. It’s a multiple benefit tool that can create a huge market for the company in whole if properly handled. By utilizing your company’s social media handles to raise interest about recruitment, you are showing the global community that you are a modern and reliable company. This will not only create awareness about an ongoing employment by the company, but will also create a huge buzz about the company’s brand.

The popularity of social media has changed the way companies carry out their recruitment process worldwide. The use of social media as a customer service tool has been expanded to it been used in recruitment process. Taking advantage of these social mediums to generate interest in potential hires, most companies have now expanded their horizon and created markets where their brands are now been respected. Each company should however create its own unique social media recruitment campaign that is suitable to their specific needs and culture.

Top benefits of using social media for recruitment-jobsfornaija
Top benefits of using social media for recruitment


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