Why you shouldn’t shop for these items at the airport

Traveling out of the country can be a very pleasant experience, especially when your destination happens to be via a beautiful airport. It gives one a whole new perspective about the pleasure that comes with traveling. I had a similar experience in 2013 when I traveled to Dubai for a training program and it was a pleasurable experience when we got to Dubai International Airport. The Airport happens to be not only beautiful, but among the duty free airports in the country. The temptation to purchase luxury items from the airport especially when one is returning is so much, considering the assorted items that are usually on display. I had some UAE Dirham still left over from my travelling allowance and this was what I used in buying some sweets, biscuits and gift items at the airport.
However, I never knew before then that not all items should be purchased at the airport based on certain factors. The fact that an airport is duty free and offers amazing discount and beautiful range of items is not enough reason to buy some of these items, as you may come to realize that some of these items can be gotten at a better bargain price outside the airport. Secondly, you end up buying a fake item for the price of an original item. The question is how does one know some of these items to be avoided?

Phone Accessories

It is possible for you to have forgotten to pack up your phone charger while rushing to catch your flight. The temptation may be there for you to buy a phone charger in the airport, with the expectation of getting a quality product based on the fact that it is been bought in a foreign country.Please resist the temptation cause Alas, when you arrive at your hotel and you plug in your phone only to discover that it isn’t the right type of charger! It can be so frustrating, emotionally draining and practically impossible to return the product, due to the fact that there may not be a money back guarantee feature in place at the shop.

Foreign currency

You surely do not want to convert your currency at the airport. You have to do this prior to travelling in order to avoid being extorted by the local currency exchangers at the airport or do convert major currencies to local currencies at a prohibitive rate, compared to what you will normally get outside the airport. Buying or exchanging currencies at the airport should be avoided by all means to prevent a situation where you are left at the mercy of greedy bureau de change agents at the airport.


Travelers have formed the habit of buying souvenirs from the country they visited for distribution as gifts to friends and family members. Lots of travelers buy souvenir at the airport, as they travel back home. It is important to avoid this, as the price disparity between these items bought in the airport and the ones you buy outside the airport is huge. Make adequate arrangements to buy these items few days before your departure. It is cheaper and convenient.


Water is a free gift from nature, but if you have to buy it, do you think buying it at the airport is the best choice? The answer is No, because the price at the airport is almost twice the amount you get water outside. Since water is not usually allowed on flight during security checks, it is best to get yours before getting to the airport. Bottled water is in abundance at the airport, but one must be careful not to fall into the temptation of grabbing a bottle of water.

Food items

It is an established fact that most travelers do not eat at the airport because they are hungry, they eat at the airport due to the long wait for boarding. It is more ideal to bring snacks along with you to the airport. Despite the discount on some of these items at the airport, their relative prices are not just good enough, as the gap is shockingly wide.

Travel Bag

Buying a travel bag in a busy airport except on serious emergencies may not be advisable based on the price difference outside. You see them though the show glasses well arranged with different sizes and shapes, but on closer look, their price tag is way out of the reach of ordinary travelers. The difference in price between luggage within and outside the airport can sometimes be as high as 40%.


I made this mistake during my trip to Dubai, when I arrived at the duty free airport in Dubai on my way back to Nigeria and I just started shopping with the aim of exhausting all the change at my disposal. I didn’t care a bit if there was any price variation in these products. I just needed some chocolates for my kids and I saw whole lot of varieties on display. Unfortunately, these chocolates were sold for more than thrice their normal prices outside.

Reading material

You should never buy these items at an airport
You should never buy these items at an airport

If you are a passionate reader like me, who loves flipping through magazines, books and other interesting materials while on a journey, never make the mistake of buying these items at an airport. As you move around the airport waiting for your flight schedule to be confirmed, you will see all sorts of magazines with beautiful designs and colors. Books of all genres usually dot all corners of the shopping malls within the airport, but they are excessively priced, and it doesn’t make economic sense buying these materials.


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