Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija
Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija


Make Money From Home From An Amazon Ecommerce Business

Are you tired of your 9–5 job, which ultimately turns into 7–7 because of the heavy traffic, the long commute, and the endless tasks at the office that you need to finish within the day? Do you want to start your own business but don’t have the products? Are you scared that no one would ever notice you when you start selling? Then, you probably haven’t heard of Amazon. Kidding aside, who hasn’t? Amazon is the largest online selling platform with an endless stream of traffic. Not the traffic that you dread and trying to get away from. This is the best kind of traffic. These are the visitors or people who visit a website. These are your potential customers, and they are from all over the world!

Okay, okay, so now you are interested. I see the sparkle in your eyes. That’s good because that means you are going to read this whole article. So, how do you start an Amazon E-Commerce Business? Read on.


In any business, you need a startup capital. You need to decide on how much you can invest. That will determine the products that you can wrap your mind around.


Selecting the right product to sell will be the most important part of your Amazon business. Selecting your niche is targeting a specific group of market. For example, you enjoy gardening, then you can choose the home and gardening niche and you may sell products related to it. If you are more into sports, then go for athletic equipment and gears. Make sure to select the niche that you are most comfortable with so that you will enjoy doing your business. For starters, decide on products that are easy to ship, small and light, and ready to go anytime.

Equipment and Internet Connection

Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija
Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija

You will be spending a lot of your time in front of your computer especially when you are just starting up. You want everything to be fast and easy. Investing in a good computer or laptop is like investing in a good truck if you are in the cargo business. Fast and reliable Internet is essential. You wouldn’t want to spend a minute waiting for a page to load. That’s not good for business. Good thing, Internet connection these days are getting faster, but it still depends on your location. Check out who is the best Internet provider in your area if you don’t have one already.


When searching for products to sell, try the uncommon ones. Don’t compete with the big guys just yet. Don’t go for products that are useful only for a short time or are seasonal. Make your customers buy from you all year round. Before you start deciding the prices of your products, try comparing prices from other sellers and suppliers. You would want to be competitive. If there’s a possibility of making your prices smaller than the rest, that would be great, but not to the point that you will compromise the credibility of the product. Sometimes, cheaper products give the impression of being low quality.


You will have to decide where to get your products from. You can choose if you want to resell products as they are or have your own brand or logo. You may contact wholesale suppliers; there are so many suppliers out there and all you have to do is Google them. You buy the products in bulk, and then you sell them on Amazon.

About journalreview.og affiliate

You may also go with private label suppliers and then customize their products with your own brand. This is what journalreview.og affiliate does. Do you notice there are products online that are identical but have different prices, different brands, and presentation? That’s because they were labeled by different business owners. The product may be promising, but these other business owners saw that the way the product is presented is not appealing. Hence, what they did was get the same product, labeled it with their own brand, packaged it with another item, took some excellent photos of it, provided a detailed description, and voila! It’s a whole new product! If I were the customer, I would definitely go for a well-presented product!

Get that item posted on Amazon!

Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija
Make Money from Home from an Amazon E-commerce Business- Jobsfornaija

Create an Amazon seller account. Log in to your account and create a listing for your item. Select the category that best fits your item, and then fill out all the details you are asked for about your item. There’s a whole page to guide you on this.

This is just a guide on how to get you started. What comes after will be totally up to you. Any business requires a great deal of time, patience, creativity, and hard work. You may not succeed on your first attempt; you will encounter a lot of mistakes, trials, and errors. These experiences are absolutely normal. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes. Don’t expect to get that first million on your first year. Unless you have a four-leaf clover in between the pages of a book somewhere. Remember, not everyone is business minded and not all businesses succeed. If you really need to make ends meet, you may do the Amazon business while you still have your regular job. Whatever path you choose, don’t ever quit!