Job Vacancies at Yimei Hotel Management Co. Limited

Yimei Hotel Management Co. Limited belonging to Shangmei Life Group SUNMEI, which was founded in 2010 after eight years of development, has become one of the world’s leading hotel brands originating from China. Since then, we have set up operations in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ethiopia, among others. Globally Yimei Hotel has been ranked as a top 20 hospitality group by HOTELS Magazine, and with more than 3500 hotels open worldwide, we have been ranked 12th in the world.

Since 2018,Yimei has focused its expansion strategy to the African Hotel market, bringing our advanced chain operations and superb management experience to regions around the world.

We look forward to hiring professionals in the capacity below to join us embark upon this exciting journey together:

Job Title: Marketing Director
: Nigeria
Job Description

  • Assist the general manager in formulating the overall development strategy and med & long-term planning of the international hotel.
  • According to the annual business objectives of the international hotel, prepare an annual marketing plan and marketing plan, and organize the implementation after approval.
  • Accurately grasp the dynamics of industry Information, sort out the industry customer groups, integrate relevant resources, and formulate hotel marketing strategies.
  • Responsible for exploring various online and offline sales channels and completing sales targets.
  • Responsible for establishing and improving the management system, process, and program of international hotel members, and improving the retention rate of members.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Business Administration, Social Sciences, Marketing, Mass Communication Humanities or a related field, from a reputable institution. MSc degree in related area is a plus from a reputable university.
  • Must have at least 5 years of proven work experience as a Marketing Manager within a Marketing/Advertising/Consumer Research/Brand Creative related position. Marketing experience in promotions of local 5-star hotels or high-end hotels is a plus.
  • Must have previous experience studying or working abroad. Experience working in a multicultural environment will be an added advantage.
  • Must have exceptional written and oral presentation abilities, exceptional writing skills, as well as an ability to craft creative presentation documents. (I.e. – creative briefs, creative briefs, graphics briefs, marketing briefs.)
  • Have at least 3 years of team management experience.
  • Knowledge of the with strategic positioning within hotel/hospitality industry, and excellent resource integration capabilities is desired.
  • Must have an established partnerships/relationship with well-known brands.
  • Must be active, positive, targeted, and innovative, with strong strategic and analytical skills.
  • Excellent planning, organization, coordination and communication skills; keen market insight and decision-making and leadership abilities.
Job Title: Quality Inspection Director
: Nigeria
Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the quality management of the hotel and the companies under the parent company, regularly tracking network reviews, guest complaints, feedback to the managers, timely propose corresponding rectification plans, and enhance the reputation of hotel services.
  • Formulate and improve the training procedures, work practices and systems, service cases and other teaching materials for each position of the hotel.
  • Establish and improve hotel quality management standards, and conduct quality management inspections on various stores on a regular basis.
  • Conducting opening inspections for newly opened hotels, and follow up the rectification work.
  • Implement the corresponding training, assessment, rectification meetings, measures, fellow-up, feedback, all according to the quality management and financial audit management of the hotel.
  • Quality control and service quality control over the entire group.

Candidate Qualifications and Attributes

  • Bachelor’s Degree in preferably in Business Administration, Social Sciences, Humanities or a related field, from a reputable institution. MSc degree in related area is a plus from a reputable university.
  • Must have previous experience studying or working abroad. Experience working in a multicultural environment will be an added advantage.
  • Have more than 5 years of proven work experience as either a Guest Service Manager, Customer Service Manager or Quality Assurance Manager in an international four-star or five-star hotel management.
  • Proficient in the standards, processes, and systems of hotel quality inspection,
  • Must possess quality awareness, training ability, familiar with the hotel’s various operating procedures, financial audit knowledge, complaint handling capabilities.
  • Strong communication skills, strong language skills, and written expression skills.
Job Title: Operations Director
: Nigeria
Job Responsibilities

  • Develop long and short-term plans for the group and be fully responsible for the operation of the hotel.
  • Responsible for formulating the strategic planning and operation strategies of the operation department, standardization, and ensuring the implementation of the company’s operational management standards, and enhancing brand reputation,
  • Responsible for the service, quality, and customer experience and training.
  • Responsible for the construction of the operation management team and the development of reserve talents for the company.


  • Local high standard university Bachelor’s degree or above, Hotel Management, Tourism Management or other related majors, certificate of studying abroad is preferred.
  • More than 10 years working experience in high-star hotels, more than 6 years working experience in management positions.
  • Experience in international 4 and 5-star hotels are preferred.
  • Cashier, housekeeping, and marketing background are preferred.
  • Have career dreams and passions, self-motivation, and can motivate the team and the other employees.
  • Excellent communication skills, have good influence skills, know how to find and coordinate resources to reach the goal.

Job Title: Engineering Director
: Nigeria

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the formation and management of the hotel engineering project management team.
  • Responsible for the guidance of hotel project quality, preparation progress, cost, and safety.
  • Responsible for the hotel preparation standards, and lead the team to implement the management site according to the engineering process and standards.
  • Responsible for formulating and reviewing the hotel project quality management and related acceptance criteria.
  • Responsible for organizing and dispatching quality inspections, proposing engineering quality assessment opinions, verifying engineering quality acceptance levels, and being responsible for quality problems arising during supervision, inspection, acceptance, and handover.
  • Responsible for guiding, handling and resolving the technical problems that subordinates appear in the quality inspection and acceptance.
  • Continuously update and improve the design of existing hotels.
  • Ensure that all buildings and work performed in accordance to all governing bodies and codes.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from a reputable Institution, MSc degree in related area is a plus.
  • More than 6 years of On-site engineering and construction management experience, either for the implementation of star hotel, and senior hotel-style project Implementation experience.
  • Familiar with engineering development and on-site construction management, have experience in overall planning and implementation of high-level engineering projects, master the latest policies of the industry, and be familiar with relevant construction regulations and solutions of the state and local governments.
  • Must have good communication and coordination skills and execution abilities.



Job Title: Training Director
: Nigeria

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop a training strategy based on the company’s standards, builds a company training system, and be responsible for headquarters training and branch training management,
  • Responsible for R&D and operation of core curriculum products such as corporate culture and service brand, writing product knowledge manual and carrying out relevant training.
  • Organize and coordinate various departments to improve the operation standard process, guide their curriculum development, and ensure the standard landing through the operation of training systems at all levels.
  • Cultivate internal trainers, establish an internal training management system, and build an internal lecturer system.
  • Organize and introduce external resources according to the company’s needs, and do a special training in the company’s by English & Amharic languages.
  • Establish and improve the training management system, and ensure the effective implementation and standard evaluation of training through all mechanism.

Candidate Qualifications and Attributes

  • Preferred age range: 30-38 years old.
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Business Administration, Psychology, Human Resources, Hospitality Management, Mass Communication, Social Sciences, Humanities or a related field, from a reputable institution. MSc degree in related area is a plus from a reputable university,
  • Must have previous experience studying or working abroad. Experience working in a multicultural environment will be an added advantage.
  • More than 5 years of experience in the hotel/hospitality industry, with more than 3 years of training management experience.
  • Must possess strong communication skills, entrepreneurial innovative and creative thinking capabilities, and sound professionalism.
  • Must have proven work experience in training-related position with a hotel group.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should forward their Applications together with detailed CV via e-mail to:

 Application Deadline 6th February, 2019.