Latest Job Openings at Christian Aid
Latest Job Openings at Christian Aid

Employment Opportunities at Christian Aid (CA)

Christian Aid (CA) is a UK-based international NGO, partnering with others to end poverty in Africa. At the heart of this vision is the transformation of the lives of people who live in poverty, empowering them to have a brighter future. Christian Aid works in more than 30 countries and has been operating in Nigeria since 2003. The Nigeria Country programme focuses on Community Health and HIV, Accountable Governance including humanitarian response and Gender.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Field Office Finance Assistant
Shani, Dikwa & Mongunu, Borno
Department: International
Type of Contract: Fixed Term
Contracted Hours: 35
Contract Length: 2 Months
Reports to: Finance Officer
Slot: 3 Openings
Role Purpose

  • To support CA financial management functions at the field offices and ensure that adequate financial records are kept at field offices and payment requests are processed on a timely basis.
  • The finance associates will be responsible for preparing financial documentation, petty cash reimbursement, petty cash advances and for coordinating payment to volunteers etc
  • The role is required to be familiar with CA and donor financial compliance requirements and to ensure that these are operationalised in the field office they are responsible for.

Role Context:

  • The finance team leads on all financial reporting in the country program and is responsible for managing the financial grants secured from donors.
  • This role sits in the various field offices in the humanitarian team and links up strongly with the Maiduguri Field Office.

Key Outcomes:

  • Cash, bank books and other financial documentation is maintained and reconciled on a monthly basis.
  • Ensures Christian Aid and donor financial policies and procedures are complied with.
  • Timely submission of reports to line manager to enable final reports to be prepared on a timely
  • Stock is reviewed and valued and submitted to Finance officer on a monthly basis for posting to SUN.
  • Coordinates payments to volunteers, casual workers etc.

Role Requirements

  • (Key relationships, frequency of contact, purpose of contact (liaison/influencing/negotiating etc.).


  • Maintains and builds relationships with donors, third parties, suppliers and other relevant external agencies.


  • The position is line managed by the Finance Officer who is in turn managed by the Finance Coordinator. However, for day to day operational issues, the Associate will report to the most senior CA staff in the field office.
  • The role links up strongly with the Maiduguri Finance Team,particularly the Finance Coordinator as well as the Program leads.

Decision Making:

  • Make decisions to assist in the smooth running of financial processing. Providing advice on financial policies and procedures to local Christian Aid staff. Support the maintenance of all financial records.

Analytical Skills:

  • Ability to apply logical thinking and common sense to routine work in a specific area. Occasionally providing analysis or advice on financial matters.

Developing Self and Others:

  • Will familiarise self with CA policies to ensure that field office and staff based there are complying.

Person Specification
Applied skills/knowledge and Expertise:


  • First Degree in Accounting
  • 2-3 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Experience working with institutional donors, particularly WFP, FAO etc
  • Experience working with an Accounting software, preferably SUN


  • At the early stages of an IFAC accountancy qualification.
  • IT competency required Basic.

Competency Profile
Level 1: You are expected to be able to:

Build partnerships:

  • Work in a reliable, helpful and cooperative way with all colleagues and provide help to others without needing to be asked. Willingly participate in team work and contribute ideas, including those that may be beyond your own or your team’s role. Keep others informed about what is going on in your own work area.
  • Treat everyone with courteousness, dignity and respect, accepting that people are different and have different views.
  • Act and behave consistently with what you say.

Communicate Effectively:

  • Communicate clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing. Pass on a clear message or information promptly and accurately.
  • Ask additional questions to clarify when needed.
  • Explain things simply and in a different way if someone appears not to have understood. Be aware of how your actions and words impact on others and adapt if necessary.

Steward Resources:

  • Use resources economically, whether these are Christian Aid resources or wider environmental resources. Recognise that time is a resource and take responsibility for managing your time effectively.

Deliver Results:

  • Agree your work plan, keep track of your own progress and keep others informed.
  • Respond promptly to the requests of others, seeking guidance on priorities and workload when needed. Consider the consequences of your actions, including the impact on your work and colleagues.
  • Take personal responsibility for your actions.
  • Check the quality of your own work and deliver to expectations.
  • Seek clarification and support from your manager when needed and to ensure appropriate sign-off.

Realise Potential:

  • Question and ask for information and advice to address your own knowledge and skills gaps in order to learn.
  • Demonstrate concern for the wellbeing of others.
  • Act and behave consistently in line with Christian Aid’s values.
  • Regularly ask for and act on feedback on own performance.
  • Assist others by showing how to complete tasks.

Strive for Improvement:

  • Demonstrate openness to change.
  • Respond quickly and helpfully to new initiatives.
  • Find ways to make improvements in your work.
  • Show initiative when faced with problems. Willingly share knowledge and information that may help others.

Full Time Salary
N3,187,627 per year.




How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Application Deadline  23rd January, 2019.


Interview Date  7th February, 2019.



Job Title: Senior Programme Coordinator – Livelihood & Resilience
 Maiduguri, Borno
Type of contract: Fixed Term
Contracted hours: 35
Contract length: 3 months
Role Purpose

  • The Senior Programme Coordinator (SPC) Livelihood and Resilience provides day to day oversight and strategic leadership on the development and implementation involving management of all aspects of the programme, including recruitment and performance management, assessments, designing, planning, implementation, monitoring staff capacity building, reporting and technical support to the agricultural recovery and sustainable livelihoods programme.
  • To contribute to the representation, brand management of Christian Aid project portfolio, engage with and promote programme communication and fundraising, with institutional donors.
  • The role requires technical specialism such as understanding of the sustainable livelihoods framework, understanding of agricultural recovery, resilience framework, humanitarian preparedness and response, value chain analysis, farming as a business and engaging market players, inclusive market systems development, facilitating linkages and creating space for various players in the market to interact and enabling markets to work for the poor in fostering agricultural recovery.
  • To contribute to developing work norms for cash for work interventions that promote agro-based and none agrobased livelihoods and promote the integration of agri-nutrition in agricultural recovery.
  • Will be responsible for managing Christian Aid all Livelihoods and resilience programmes, projects and partnerships as well as the effective management of significant budget funds.
  • Will hold the broad and strategic remit for the food security, sustainable livelihoods and resilience portfolio for the programme, with a special interest on agricultural recovery for communities affected by conflict.
  • To lead the development of Christian Aid policy and strategy regarding working on Food Security, agricultural livelihoods, agricultural recovery, private sector engagement in the country, and contributing actively to the development of a regional and divisional strategy on working on livelihoods and engaging with private sector.

Role Context

  • The role works within the International Programmes role family positioned in Maiduguri, the role is part of the wider Nigeria Country Humanitarian Response Team.
  • The role works closely and directly with Humanitarian Response Manager based in Maiduguri and also with Humanitarian Division’s Regional Emergency Manager, as well as other colleagues from the Nigeria team.
  • The position will be based in Maiduguri, Nigeria with frequent trips to North-East states (Borno, Yobe and Adamawa) of Nigeria.
  • The role holder will directly line manage and support the Programme Officers – Food Security and Livelihoods and  partner programmes and externally represent CA in the area of sustainable livelihoods, agricultural recover resilience broadly, but in particular working with humanitarian markets, private sector, value chain and market system development, encouraging entrepreneurial approaches and leading on ensuring compliance to WFP, FAO and other donor funded agricultural recovery requirements. In addition, the post holder will provide relevant technical guidance and support to other programme staff and partners and especially ensure that monitoring, evaluation and programme reporting for sustainable livelihoods, agricultural recovery, agricultural extension, market systems development and developing private sector partnerships are carried out in accordance with Christian Aid’s and donor requirements.
  • The SPC will work closely with the Humanitarian Response Manager and the country team on humanitarian program design, implementation, fundraising. S/He will support CA country offices to engage in the right networks, increasing the profile of CA humanitarian work and its visibility.

Key Outcomes

  • The Christian Aid all donor funded livelihood and resilience projects are successfully managed following Christian Aid’s humanitarian policies and procedures.
  • All programmes are accountable to donors and beneficiaries.
  • Christian Aid is represented at all levels, national and internationally.
  • Compliance with financial policies and procedures especially regarding Food and Agricultural Organisation, coordination requirements for all donor projects, but including reporting requirements and contribution made to other team members in the development and implementation, partner capacity building and training
  • Significant grant proposals focusing on broad sustainable livelihoods, agricultural recovery, resilience work, private sector partnerships and market systems development based on strong planning and evaluation procedures using Christian Aid’s internal systems.
  • Significant decisions on programme work in the country informed by Christian Aid’s strategic humanitarian focus areas.
  • Communicate and coordinate with project staff on technical questions related to livelihoods, resilience building and agricultural recovery, work planning, programme implementation and provide technical support to developing policies, strategies and plans related to food security and livelihoods, resilience building and agricultural recovery.
  • Ensure effective implementation of the M&E plan, ensuring accurate information is collected and analysed for all programme components. Ensure that impacts or problems are identified clearly discussed in the team and community and fed back into the programming.
  • Oversee the timely delivery of the Livelihood and resilience project according to proposals and ensure compliance with all donor requirements.
  • Strengthen and promote community engagement processes in the project areas, particularly identifying project beneficiaries, assessing their needs, addressing and resolving community issues.
  • Strong portfolio consisting of a large volume of grants to able to respond and support Christian Aid’s programming in agricultural recovery, advocacy, fundraising and communications agenda focused on developing work on agricultural based livelihoods recovery, private sector partnerships and market systems development.
  • Robust humanitarian practice and minimum standards in disaster response, as reflected in policies and procedures, are successfully implemented.
  • Effective projects and programmes delivered with impact in line with agreed aims.
  • Humanitarian and financial policies and procedures complied with, in particular, reporting requirements.
  • Project proposals completed, based on strong planning and evaluation procedures using Christian Aid’s internal systems. Funds used for designated purposes.
  • Recruitment, management and development of high performing team who are meeting their objectives and ensure a safe working environment for all people involved in project implementation and maintain the highest standards of behaviour when engaging with stakeholders and working with project beneficiaries.
  • Coordinate with interagency colleagues, host governments, implementing partners, and donors at the working level to address issues impacting livelihood and resilience programme.
  • Assess livelihood, agriculture needs based on a variety of sources, including assessments, technical data, early warning information, and reports from NGOs, the UN and other actors
  • As a livelihood and resilience expert, coordinate on the general humanitarian response with all stakeholders including humanitarian actors, Missions, Embassies, host governments, NGOs,  and donors;
  • This includes representing Christian Aid in Food sector cluster and working group meetings and donor meetings. This also includes engagement with networks in order to increase the profile and visibility of Christian Aid.

Role Requirements 

Decision Making:

  • Make decisions to ensure the all livelihood and resilience project is led and managed effectively and effectively linked to the wider Nigeria programme.
  • Required to make significant decisions on programme work in the country  with special focus on Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery and Resilience Building but also informed by Christian Aid strategic direction in country and globally.
  • Proposes action Christian Aid should take in its response to the emergency and makes day-to-day decisions to guide the implementation and smooth running of the project.
  • Leads and manages a team and ensures the workgroup is effectively managed.
  • Shared budget authority for the livelihood and resilience project

Analytical Skill:

  • The post holder is responsible for overall lead of the livelihood and resilience project and is expected to work with initiative and innovation, using analytical skills and their own judgement to recommend humanitarian programme decisions for the organisation in consultation with a wide range of country team and humanitarian colleagues and partner organisations.
  • Role holder must have the ability to collect and analyse data/intelligence from Agricultural Interventions, Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, Resilience analyses and interventions.
  • Ability to analyse and map various players/actors using the sustainable livelihoods resilience framework, the ACRE process and the PMSD approach and their role in the value chain and using this information to enable poor people to access markets. Ability to map and develop private sector partnerships.


  • Represents Christian Aid with external actors including donors and  government
  • Liaise with other actors in emergency response for the region (UN, NGO,  national and local authorities, incl. through established coordination  mechanisms
  • Working closely with Local and State governments stakeholder partners, LGA Agricultural Extension Officers, Food and Agriculture Counterparts, Food Security Cluster Counterparts to ensure effective management and coordination of the programmes focusing on sustainable and livelihoods, resilience building, inclusive market development and entrepreneurship building. This will also include contact with institutional donors and may include contact with supporters through direct fundraising.


  • Works with the country team in Nigeria, and staff in the Humanitarian division, Resilience Global Advisor, Senior Humanitarian Response Specialists Cash and Markets, Regional Emergency Manager, Regional Programme Development and Funding Manager and the Humanitarian Advisors Team in London.

Developing self and others:

  • The post holder is expected to work independently with support from the Humanitarian Response Manager / Regional Emergency Manager providing leadership and influencing strategies within the country and ensuring upholding of humanitarian standards and principles by Christian Aid staff and partners. Key skills required are being able to effectively manage from a distance as well as be able to influence decisions of colleagues at a range of seniority levels.
  • May have the direct responsibility for developing, coaching and motivating one or more staff, undertakes performance reviews and development of action plans to improve the performance of others, whether staff or volunteers.
  • Support the Livelihoods and Resilience Coordinator, Programme Officers and the entire team and partnership portfolio to better understand work on enabling poor people to strengthen their Sustainable Livelihoods, Resilience through accessing competitive markets and to adopt entrepreneurial approaches. Leading in developing staff and partners understanding of the Sustainable  livelihood and the resilience framework.

Person Specification

Applied Skills/Knowledge and Expertise

  • Postgraduate qualification in discipline related to Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Agriculture, Food Security and / or relevant discipline or commensurate work experience in lieu of postgraduate qualification.
  • This position demands a dynamic individual with a demonstrated ability to work hard and achieve results in a demanding, fast paced and often insecure environment.
  • Good knowledge of and experience working with IDPs in Nigeria.
  • Good understanding of gender-sensitive programming.
  • Good interpersonal, organisational and communication skills.
  • Have strong problem solving abilities and capacity to solve complex issues related to projects’ delivery.
  • Knowledge of capacity building tools; of Sphere and Red Cross Code of Conduct; of HAP standards.
  • Detail orientation and ability to work independently and meet deadlines;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • At least 5 year of experience in Market driven approaches, cash for work programming, post conflict agricultural recovery with advanced understanding of agricultural extension and communication, support services in IDP settings, agricultural nutrition intervention and crop agronomy.
  • Minimum one year aid-related International NGO experience in North-East Nigeria.
  • Project management skills.


  • Specialised qualification in Livelihoods and resilience programmes in emergency and/or development work.
  • Ability to speak and understand Hausa
  • Understanding of the political, social and economic context of the region and the humanitarian/development issues and challenges it faces of peace building and conflict resolution Upholding the Humanitarian Principles and affirmatively engage the most vulnerable community members while valuing inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, agility, collaboration, innovation and sustainability
  • Experience of organisational development

IT competency required:

  • Intermediate

Competency Profile 
LEVEL 2: You are expected to be able to:
Build Partnerships:

  • Take on different work when necessary to achieve a team or organisational goal.
  • Actively consult with others to ensure you understand their needs or goals.
  • Listen to and take on board fresh perspectives and views even if you initially disagree with them.
  • Maintain on-going relationships with individuals and contacts through networks, based on mutual rapport and respect.

Communicate Effectively:

  • Make complex things simple for the benefit of others.
  • Actively listen and question to check your understanding and draw out others when they are not expressing themselves clearly or seem to be holding back.
  • Be sensitive to what others may be feeling, based on what they say, how they say it and their non-verbal behavior, adapting your style and approach to fit.
  • Address difficult issues when they arise, being honest and open.

Steward Resources:

  • Implement ways to reduce the inefficient use of resources or pass the ideas on to someone who can make them happen.
  • Estimate the resources needed to achieve your own work plans or objectives and to deliver them in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  • Set and communicate realistic timelines for achieving tasks, working out how best to adapt as priorities change or unforeseen circumstances arise.

Deliver Results:

  • Prioritise, plan and monitor own work to meet own and team deliverables to agreed performance or quality standards.
  • Acknowledge others’ priorities whilst being prepared to say “no” if there are genuine reasons why their needs cannot be met.
  • Use logical processes and relevant tools and techniques to report on information or analyse options.
  • Make timely and considered recommendations or decisions based on analysis of available data,  information and evidence.

Realise Potential:

  • Evaluate your own work and actively address gaps in knowledge and skills, without prompting.
  • Recognise how you react to feedback and manage reactions positively, acting on specific feedback from others.
  • Share your knowledge where it will help others to be more effective.
  • Provide instruction, constructive feedback and guidance to others to help them learn.

Strive for Improvement:

  • Constructively challenge existing practice.
  • Seek better ways of doing things, taking into account the possible implications.
  • Make positive suggestions on a way forward when faced with challenges even if these falls outside own scope of work.
  • Look inside and outside Christian Aid for new ideas and evaluate them for own work.

Salary (Full time)
N9,871,478 Per Year (full time)



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Application Deadline  18th January, 2019.

Interview Date  
29th January, 2019.