Recent Vacancies at Action Against Hunger
Recent Vacancies at Action Against Hunger

Job Recruitment at Action Against Hunger This Week

Action Against Hunger | ACF-International works to save lives by combating hunger and diseases that threaten the lives of vulnerable communities, through nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health and advocacy.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Institutional Capacity Building Officer
 Maiduguri, Borno State
Starting date: As Soon As Possible
Direct Line Manager: Sector Manager – Nutrition and Health
Objective 1

Provide support to the Sector Manager in implementing capacity building and institutional action in line with Pillar 3 work plan.
Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for implementing the activities inscribed under Pillar 3 at LGA level in line with the work plan to adhere the deadlines. This includes stakeholder’s mobilization, sensitization, targeting, assessment, capacity building plans, and analysis.
  • Develop a community mobilization and sensitization strategy for effective program delivery.
  • Identify methods of community mobilization that enhance partnership and coordination with government officials, local communities, internal integration within sectors and programs.
  • Conduct training, follow ups and hand on supports to different levels of stakeholders.
  • Serve as secretary at the LGA coordination committee and work closely with LGA desk officers and champions, ensuring learning and transfer of knowledge.
  • To coordinate with LGA officials to share plan and implementation progress of the project activities.
  • Provide training, and orientation to target communities regarding Action Against Hunger Project and other part of mobilization activities of the project as well as providing guidelines and training to field assistants for effective community mobilization at the local government area level.
  • Reinforce and regulate program monitoring and activities implementation.
  • Support line manager in budget forecasting, detailed work planning, monthly and quarterly reporting.
  • Contribute to organizational and sector-wide learning through good quality input for lessons learned, best practices, and evaluations etc. for all the components of the program for training, mobilization and IEC materials.
  • Assist the program team in the development of key documentation and materials (IEC and visibility materials, procurement and work plans etc.).
  • Implement the stakeholder’s engagement strategy at field level.
  • Establish good relationship and network with community leaders and other actors in the working area (I/NGOs)
  • Participate in regular internal and external coordination meetings as required by the Sector Manager.
  • Represent Action Against Hunger as requested by the Sector Manager.

Objective 2
Manage the institutional capacity building assistants to ensure compliance, technical quality and coherence in all Action Against Hunger activities on the ground.
Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Train institutional capacity building assistants on Action Against Hunger principles, essential policies and procedures, as well on the RESILAC Program.
  • Develop clear work plans for institutional capacity building Assistants, and schedule regular meetings to oversee progress against Pillar targets and to ensure adherence to programme’s mission and standards.
  • Line Manage and supervise institutional capacity building assistants in line with HR principles and on the basis of clear quality benchmarks and plans.
  • Escalate any HR issue to the Sector Manager and HR Department in line with guidelines.
  • Ensure institutional capacity building assistants presence, engagement and committed to the RESILAC project.
  • Review and adapt training manuals in collaboration with community mobilization field assistant.
  • Flow all relevant information coming from the Sector Manager down to the institutional capacity building Assistants and actively support them to access relevant information and tools that can help them in their work.

Objective 3
Ensure tracking and reporting of Pillar 3 activities
Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the development of internal and donor activity reports on the basis of the schedule shared by the Project Coordinator.
  • Provide all information requested by the Sector Manager and MEAL Manager to enable progress and impact analysis, quality assurance oversight, context analysis etc.
  • Assist the Sector Manager in reviewing activities, in including plan, budget and M&E plan and procurement plan, following up with relevant department to ensure quality and timely implementation.
  • Effectively escalate all key information coming from the field level and suggest mitigation of daily challenges to program team.
  • Ensure timely submission of purchasing requests, car/staff movement plans.
  • Ensure program related data and shared information are correct, updated, organized, well documented and retrievable by the supervisor.
  • Facilitate and support systematic monitoring and evaluation of activities.

Objective 4
Performance Management
Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Communicate Action Against Hunger performance standards and expectations to team members which includes; 10 minutes monthly conversation, 3 months/end of probation performance appraisal and annual/end of contract appraisal.
  • Establish performance objectives, provide feedback, identify strengths and areas for professional improvement.
  • Contribute to the professional development and improvement of team members by providing support.

Internal & External Relationships

  • Sector Manager – Sector lead Pillar 3 Direct line management & reporting, support, coordination.
  • MEAL Manager: support, exchange of information, collaboration, coordination, reporting.
  • Other project Officers: collaboration, coordination, technical support, share of information.
  • Institutional capacity building Assistants: line management, supervision, support, coordination, share of information.
  • Other Sector Managers: support, coordination, collaboration, exchange of information.
  • Other ACF staff in Maiduguri/Monguno bases: collaboration, coordination, share of information.
  • Logistics, Finance, HR Departments in Maiduguri/Monguno : exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination.


  • Inter-agency coordination groups: exchange of information, coordination, support, collaboration.
  • Local and state government: exchange of information, support, coordination, collaboration.

Position Requirements

  • Degree in Social Sciences, Education, Business, Economics and similar.
  • Minimum of 2 years working experience in humanitarian context.


  • Previous experience with professional training and employment insertion programs either in Government or NGO sector.
  • Ability and willingness to frequently travel to villages and stay at the field.
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions like long distance walking to screening sites.
  • Capacity to supervise and coach Assistant level staff.
  • Ability to work in an environment where there are physical discomforts associated with change in weather or discomforts associated with noise, dust or dirt.
  • Proficiency with either of local languages (Hausa, Kanuri, Fulani).


  • Resident of community are (LGA) of work, networks within the community.
  • Experience and commitment to utilizing participatory approach.



Job Title: Nutrition Assistant
 Fune, LGA, Yobe state
Starting date: March 2019
Direct Line Manager: Nutrition officer
Tasks & Responsibilities
Objective 1 – Undertake nutrition interventions at the local level:

  • Facilitate community mobilization, meetings and trainings during community led Nutrition  activities;
  • Work closely with community structures to follow up on implementation of Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF) activities with the support from the CMAM Nutrition Officer
  • Support in the implementation of capacity building training for the target HW at the Facility.
  • Directly implement in the field the activities defined in the program in close collaboration with the CMAM Nutrition Officer.
  • Support the implementation of detailed work plan for Nutrition team at Fune LGA Yobe state of state in Nigeria, activities in collaboration with Nutrition Officer, which will include delivery and follow-up of trainings.

Objective 2 – Collect information and data on nutrition at LGA level through screenings, surveys, and assessments:

  • Collect information to ensure that the CMAM data of the nutritional activities in the area of HF intervention;
  • Collect the required information in the field to support an understanding of the evolution of the context;
  • Support the M&E team in data collection for screening or other nutrition related assessments;
  • Support the preparation of documentation required for the implementation of field activities

Objective 3 – Mobilization and awareness raising about the organization, program objectives and activities to local authorities and the population, and act as a link between the Organization and the beneficiaries (at LGA level):

  • Contribute to the development of project community mobilization strategies;
  • Implement sensitization activities for targeted communities about CMAM/IYCF with support from Health Extension workers, Community Volunteers, traditional leaders and other key stakeholders in feasible livelihood restoration activities at LGA level;
  • Coordinate all activities very closely and in collaboration with UNICEF, Ministry of Health and other key stakeholders;
  • Facilitate good working relationship between government extension workers and target beneficiaries.

Objective 4 – Represent AAH externally in relevant local and state level forums and technical working groups:

  • Key activities and responsibilities to achieve this objective:
  • Establish formal relationship with the partners as required
  • Represent AAH externally in issues related to nutrition and health (consortia, alliances and clusters) at the local and state level.
  • Assist in other tasks as determined by management.

Internal & External Relationship

  • Nutrition Officer: Operational hierarchical relationship– exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination
  • Social protection assistant: Collaborate with team to ensure exchange of information, collaboration and coordination.  In addition, oversee technical oversight, technical support, coaching


  • LGA  and non-governmental partners: Exchange of information, coordination, training, supervision, influence on choice of technical options;
  • Representatives of Traditional leaders: Exchange of information;
  • Representatives of donors: Exchange of information, technical discussions, project related exchanges.

Position Requirements

  • Professional, good organizational capacity, good human relationships, motivated, open, creative, mature, responsible, flexible and, culturally sensitive
  • Diploma in Nutrition or a related field with at least 1 year relevant work experience
  • Experience in the Nutrition  and social approach – IYCF a plus
  • Microsoft Office Skills (Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Word)
  • Willing and able to be based and travel regularly within remote areas, where services are limited.
  • Fluency in Hausa, Kanuri and English
  • Commitment to the mission, values and policy
  • Previous experience with nutrition and health  programming
  • Good knowledge of the intervention area/s and local economy
  • Previous humanitarian programming experience
  • This document is non-contractual and may be modified to reflect the changing needs of the service.




Job Title: Institutional Capacity Building Assistant
 Maiduguri, Borno
Job Type: Full Time Programmes – FSL Entry Level
Starting Date: April 2019
Direct Line Manager: Institutional Capacity Building Officer
Job Summary
The RESILAC project, “Lake Chad Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery”, has been developed by Action Against Hunger (project lead), in consortium with CARE and Groupe URD.
The RESILAC project aims to provide a response combining emergency, rehabilitation and recovery in the Lake Chad region (bordering with Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad) – an area affected by an economic and social crisis, recurring climate shocks and a regional security crisis. The project has received support from the French Development Agency and the European Union (via the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa).
The project organogram in Nigeria is made of: 1 National Project Coordinator, 4 Sector Managers, 1 MEAL Manager, several officer and assistant positions.
The Institutional Capacity Building Assistant will play a key role in supporting the Institutional Capacity Building officer in implementing activities including capacity assessments, identification of major gaps in capacity and systems within key institutions to be filled through appropriate training and systems strengthening activities. He/she shall be engaging with key relevant government and civil society stakeholders to follow up on activities and action plans. This position is based in Maiduguri/Jere LGA, Borno State. He/she will report to the Institutional Capacity Building officer based in Monguno.
Tasks & Responsibilities
Objective 1 – Support the implementation of Pillar 3 activities in project locations:

  • Community sensitization on the program objectives and methods to stimulate & eventually promote the understanding and participation of the target population. Community sensitization starts at village- and Community-leader levels and eventually extends to the entire population.
  • Assist the Institutional Capacity Building Sector manager in organising and implementing activities taking place in Maiduguri and Jere LGA related to trainings, hands on support and follow ups.
  • Directly implement activities in line with work plans and quality standards agreed with Institutional Capacity Building Sector manager.
  • Follow-up issues related to institutional actions and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Support in the preparation of activity plans, procurement plans and budgets for all activities.
  • Seek and provide feedback from beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders on the quality of activities;

Objective 2 – Network and coordinate with the relevant stakeholders:

  • Establish good relationship and network with community leaders and other actors in the working area.
  • Establish a good understanding of the program within the Community
  • Establish linkes and meetings with the Community leaders and different group existing in the working area.
  • Maintain good relation and communication with all field staff.
  • Maintained good relation with technical agencies and professional training institutions involved in the activities.

Objective 3 – Community Sensitization and Mapping:

  • Actively sensitize the population on RESILAC key messages
  • Maintain community and beneficiaries engagement with the program, communicating any issue to the Institutional Capacity Building Sector manager
  • Responsible in implementing community mobilization strategy in field.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • This job description is not intended to be all inclusive and the employee will also perform other related tasks as required and responsible for reporting and communication of progress and achievement of the specific assigned task
  • Work effectively as a member of the Food, Security and Livelihood (FSL) Resilac Program team to ensure optimization of resources cross the team as well as delivering consistency and effectiveness of practice
  • Other relevant duties and project work as directed by the Youth Employment Officer
  • Maintenance of high technical standards
  • Conduct all duties in a professional manner following Action Against Hunger Nigeria mission staff regulations, mandate and charter.

Internal & External Relationship

  • Institutional Capacity Building Officer: Direct line management & reporting, coaching.
  • Has thick dotted line connection with Knowledge mapping and communication officer
  • Other Program Officers and assistants: exchange of information, coordination, support and collaboration.
  • Base logistics, Administration, Finance : exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination.


  • Local community, beneficiaries, Local government: information sharing and active communication as per Institutional Capacity Building Officer’s dispositions.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • Complete activity reports, market surveillance and site rep contributions;
  • Contribute to the development of donor reports and other program specific reports;
  • Internal and external evaluation report;
  • Learning documents and case studies;
  • Adhoc reports (assessment reports, baseline, newsletter).

Position Requirements

  • Diploma in relevant field
  • Minimum of 1 year working experience in humanitarian context.
  • Ability and willingness to frequently travel to villages and stay at the field.
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions.
  • Proficiency with local languages (Hausa, Kanuri, Fulani) is an added advantage.
  • Resident of community area of work, networks within the community preferably
  • Previous NGO experience in a similar setting.
  • Experience and commitment to involving communities and local actors.



Job Title: Project Manager
: Damaturu, Yobe
Direct Line Manager: Area Coordinator
Job Type: Full Time
Slot: 2 Openings
Job Summary

  • The Project Manager is in charge of the proper implementation and completion of a set of complex Projects implemented over several geographical location throughout all its different phases as well as the appropriate management of its specific scope, schedule, resources, quality, risks, representation, coordination and contractual requirements.

Role and Responsibilities
Efficient, Effective, Quality and Timely Implementation of the Entire Projects:

  • Management of the entire project(s) cycle;
  • Finalize and manage the update and implementation of the detailed Project(s) Implementation Plan (PIP);
  • Develop detailed monthly/weekly implementation plans for your staff in order to achieve the activities in the PIP;
  • Finalize and manage the Project(s) Scope Documents (PSDs) such as Project Procurement plan, Monitoring and evaluation plan, Work Breakdown Structure, etc. as well as ensuring regular update of these documents in order to maintain a strong record of the project(s);
  • With the support of the relevant technical coordinators, develop, document and work as per designs, BoQs, tools, implementation modalities and guidelines
  • Ensure contractual activities are completed on time, within budget and with acceptable quality.
  • Ensure that the project(s) is being implemented as per donor regulations;
  • Take overall responsibility for the quality of the project(s) including regular monitoring, field visits and learning;
  • Initiate and oversee needs and technical assessments and analysis, as well as preparing the follow up reports in coordination with the M&E Co and DCDs;
  • Oversee the development of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning tools and plans in collaboration with the M&E coordinator;
  • Stay abreast of, and manage field operations as to, the prevailing security, cultural and social situation as per the guidance of the field coordinator;
  • Identify and monitor risks, constraints or escalating issues and inform senior management accordingly;
  • Identify and assign additional activities as required in coordination with the technical departments.
  • Regular field visits to monitor the activities and their quality in compliance with proposals and in liaison with M&E department.

Manage and Develop the Project (s) Team:

  • Ensure that all project(s) staff are provided with a full induction and are briefed on all relevant components of the project(s);
  • Keep staff aware of any changes in the project(s) and in the wider organization;
  • Ensure staff are aware of and operating by humanitarian principles and other codes of conduct;
  • Identify need based trainings and work with HR team to develop, plan and implement relevant training plans for each team member.
  • Facilitate cross program learning through joint review and planning with other departments
  • Define objectives, update staff job descriptions and facilitate regular performance appraisals with support of the HR team.
  • Ensure the provision of up dated records and reviews for team personnel reviews and records;
  • Ensure availability of staff for necessary recruitment steps (shortlist, technical interview, placement interviews etc. ) staff as required by the HR recruitment Manage recruitment of new staff as required;
  • In close collaboration with HR department manage disciplinary matters as per AAH Nigeria HR protocols;
  • Manage conflict resolution and motivation exercises with the project(s) team in a proactive manner;
  • Encourage compliance with the Charter and the fight against fraud, corruption and abuse of power; alert the Field Coordinator and / or Country Director in the event of fraud, corruption or abuse of power.
  • Track and manage team attendance;
  • Motivate, coordinate and supervise teams, providing continuous organizational support to staff and conducting regular field visits.

Maintain Comprehensive Record and Report in a Timely Manner:

  • Develop a data collection and entry plan complete with tools and timeline that is integrated into the PSDs and PIPs (if not already included) in line with the Mission M&E structure and strategy.;
  • Globally manage and monitor data collection and entry as per plan; in collaboration with the M&E team.
  • Maintain, document and handover all project(s) records in an organized and complete manner to enable audit of the project(s);
  • Produce weekly, monthly and quarterly internal and external reports as requested;
  • Track the progress of activities and outcomes as well as ensuring the tracking of relevant indicators;
  • Completion of quality MEAL reports;
  • Participate in the weekly coordination meetings, or other ad hoc internal meetings as requested;
  • Prepare handover/end of mission reports to cover periods of leave and/or upon exit from the project(s).

Assist in Wider Organizational Development Through Learning and Proposal Development Support:

  • Identify, examine and report in a proactive manner any areas of geographic or sectoral growth for the organization;
  • Contribute to overall project(s) design, activity implementation guidelines, training development, and documentation;
  • Develop systematic mechanism for lesson learned about the programs to provide information to conduct advocacy activities, with periodic field visits to other project(s)s to strengthen across mission information and best practice sharing; and encourage the development of  innovative approach
  • Produce regular success stories on project implementation;
  • Highlight areas of improvement within the PIPs and PSDs;
  • Support wider learning by leading on project(s) based learning and research; Ø Support development of project(s) proposals, concepts and improvements.

Manage External Relations Related to the Projects:

  • Represent the mission in external meetings as requested;
  • Prepare and share minutes and clear action points of meetings/trainings attended;
  • Coordinate with relevant UN agencies, government authorities and any other stakeholders to ensure support for the project(s) and the wider organization;
  • Support Field Coordinator in liaising regularly with authorities and community representatives in relations to the mission programming and positioning;
  • Represent the mission programs when and if necessary vis-a-vis donors during their field visits and other meetings;

Internal & External Relationships

  • Area Coordinator: hierarchical relationship (managed by) – technical support – exchange of information;
  • Project(s) Sector Team: hierarchical relationship (managing);
  • Abuja Coordination Team: Support and Guidance.


  • Local governmental, and non-governmental partners : exchange of information, coordination, training, supervision, influence on choice of technical options
  • Local representatives of international aid organizations : exchange of information

Reporting Responsibilities

  • Monthly Project Progress Report;
  • Ensure provision of Project Budget Follow-Up monthly update (check allocation of expenditures);
  • Ensure provision of project Supply Plan monthly update (check)
  • Donor reports as required by Contract
  • Documentation of success stories.


  • Post-graduate degree in Project Management, Social Sciences, Health/Nutrition, Development or other related field
  • Proven multi-sector project cycle management experience at a senior level for at least 4 years in an INGO;
  • Excellent management, organizational, motivational and leadership skills;
  • Demonstrated experience in financial management and preparation of budgets for programming;
  • Familiarity with ECHO, EU, OFDA and/or DfiD reporting and regulations;
  • Experience in managing medium to large-sized teams;
  • Excellent written and spoken English and proficient in MS Office Applications;
  • Planning and analysis capacity;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Strong experience in multi-sector emergency responses and sector coordination
  • Experience and flexibility with complex/large organizational structures;
  • Good knowledge of the humanitarian architecture and transformative agenda
  • Demonstrated experience in proposal writing and donor reporting;
  • Creative and innovative with excellent attention to detail;
  • Good diplomatic and negotiation skills;
  • Disciplined and able to work and arrive at decisions autonomously and with minimal guidance.


How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Application Deadline: 13th March, 2019.