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Category : Unemployment

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Best way to explain work history if unemployed or struggling
Situation When it comes to answering questions during job interview sessions, it can be very challenging, trying to explain your work history, especially when you are on your first interview and you have no single experience to share with the panelist. Most job hunters seekers would be wondering what to do and eventually find themselves …
Best tips on finding out why you did not get that job
Ways of finding out why you did not get the job Life as an unemployed Job hunting is a strenuous process and no individual can boast of net ever been nervous when awaiting his/her turn in the waiting room prior to be called to face the interview panelist. I could just imagine how painful it …
Business options for fresh graduates in Nigeria
Business for fresh graduates Five years ago, I was travelling down to Kogi state from Delta State on a cold windy Monday morning. Something caught my attention when I got to Auchi in Edo state. I saw thousands of students trooping out from the Auchi Polytechnic and the same scenario played out when I got …