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7 Things to consider while starting a home-run business
Despite having a day job, you might want to start a side business of your own; something that brings in a little more money. As great and simple as the idea sounds, it involves a lot of brainstorming, hard work and time. A lot of home-run businesses fail within the first month from lack of …
Why you should own a side business and still keep your day job
Still thinking about starting a business? Get on with it now The game plan for life is to end up successful and satisfied. Different people would define success in different ways but in the business world success is coming to the point where your income and savings are so great; you’re able to afford a …
Are you in between jobs? You could make money with these in Nigeria
5 Alternative money making jobs in Nigeria There are times when you apply and apply but nothing seems to be coming up. You don’t even get an interview invite; rather than sit there feeling sorry for yourself, it’s time to start worrying about how to make some cool cash. As a smart guy once said …